5 things to do in Sidney on a snowy day

by admin on January 17, 2012

Snow is in the forecast for Sidney and the rest of southern Vancouver Island this week. Snow is so rare here that many people stayed home, meaning silent streets and empty (but green!) golf courses. Still, the temperature is forecast to dip as low as the freezing point (com

things to do in sidney

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pared with a steady -37 degrees in Edmonton) with a little bit of snow. This doesn’t mean you have to stay in your Sidney hotel room with the television. There are still plenty of things to do in our pretty little town when the white stuff coats everything:

1. Storm watching
No part of Sidney is more than a 5 minute walk from the ocean, and a good winter blast from the east can create some big waves. One of the best spots for storm watching in Sidney is just steps from our front door, just across Lochside Drive, where the Anacortes ferry terminal is. Other stormwatching spots include Glass Beach, or the rocky sandstone beaches along Beaufort Avenue.

2. Drink a coffee
Sidney has ¬†an exceptional number of coffee shops for its size. There’s everything from Starbucks to locally operated chains such as Serious Coffee. Plus, there are small specialty shops to choose from. It’s said that Victoria has the most coffee shops per capital in North America, and Sidney is definitely not far behind. And if you’re looking for something to read while you sip your coffee as you wait out a snowstorm…

3. Go to a bookstore
There are at least 8 bookstores in a 2-block area in Sidney, and all of them specialize in different kinds of books. Tanners Books is one of the largest bookstores on Vancouver Island, and claims to offer 2000 different magazines. There is also an excellent children’s bookstore, a military bookstore, a “haunted” bookstore (that always seems to have the book you’re looking for, no matter how obscure), and more.

4. Drive around Victoria airport to Pat Bay
Assuming the roads aren’t too icy (for that one rare day a year when it snows here), try taking a drive to the other side of the peninsula to Pat Bay – it takes less than 10 minutes. There are great views of beautiful Saanich Inlet, plus the snowy mountains in the middle of the island. The west side of the Peninsula is also great for birdwatching, as many species of birds splash down to rest in the sheltered bays and coves of the inlet while heading south, or back up north. You can also watch the planes land as well,

5. Go to a movie
The Sidney Star Theatre is a great way to pass a snowy (by Sidney’s lax standards) afternoon in style. This special theatre has preserved the movie-going experience from days past, with beautiful seats, a friendly staff, and, most importantly, cheap popcorn and drinks. The movies are generally the cream of the crop, so it’s a great way to spend an afternoon.

The Cedarwood thinks there are always plenty of things to do in Sidney, rain, shine or snow.