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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions and Sidney information

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Are you a pet-friendly Sidney hotel?

Do you have a meeting or gathering room?

  • Answer: No, although our larger suites have been used for business meetings of up to 8 – 10 people.

Do you offer group rates?

  • Answer: We do not offer group rates during the summer season. Mid season and Winter rates are discounted for all our guests.

Can I use my credit card to reserve multiple rooms for guests and family coming to our wedding/reunion?

  • Answer: We do not encourage this practice as this makes you responsible for payment for all the rooms. It is much simpler for each member of the group to be responsible for the choice of their own room and it’s payment. Our 48hr cancellation policy applies to all reservations.

I would like to reserve a block of several rooms under my name for guests of my wedding/reunion?

  • Answer: We would be happy to supply a rate sheets and brochures for out of town guests, however group reservations held with one credit card can become very complicated, particularly when many of the guests have the same family name. We recommend each potential guest make their own reservation, to suit their own needs, and confirm this reservation with their personal credit card.

I would like to cater a small reception for 25 people. Do you supply extra chairs, china etc?

  • Answer: Some of our suites are designed to accommodate up to six people. We do not have the facilities to entertain large groups which can increase noise to an unacceptable level for other guests.

I have to go to a wedding at 2pm, can I check into my room early?

  • Answer: Our check-out time is 11am. We do not guarantee a room will be ready before 3pm. If you are wishing to attend a wedding or special event, and wish for an early check-in, perhaps you should consider arriving the day prior to the event.

I am coming for a family reunion, but will have my dog with me – is this OK?

  • Answer: We do have some “Pet friendly” rooms and daily pet charges do apply. We ask that no pet is left alone in the room at any time. Unhappy pets can be very noisy and disturbing to other guests.

I would like to have a room beside my mother, is this possible?

  • Answer: When you make your reservation we will make a note of any special request you may have. We will do our best to accede to your wishes, but can never promise any particular room.

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