Our “Victoria airport hotel” is near one of the best

by admin on April 21, 2012

It’s no surprise to those of us here at our “Victoria airport hotel” – the Cedarwood – that YYJ has been rated as one of the top ten most loved airports in the worl by CNN.

While airports as a rule get little love, arriving at YYJ here is really something special. In fact, the awesomeness begins before you even touch down. For one thing, the flight path to YYJ lies either over the ocean and Haro Strait to the east of Sidney, or the rugged Malahat mountains to the west of the Saanich Peninsula, across Saanich Inlet.

As a result, you’re either looking out your window at magnificent ocean visits or misty mountains peaks. Below there is rolling farmland, and then Sidney itself.

Step off the plane and the first thing you’ll encounter is the smell of trees (the native Douglas Fir is a variety of spruce). The airport itself is big and spacious, in true West Coast style, and everything is close at hand, be it where you retrieve your luggage to the taxis or rental cars that will get you into Sidney (and the Cedarwood Hotel).

On departure, there’s never much of a wait to get checked in, and, if you’re connecting to a long-haul flight in Vancouver, YYJ will actually help save you time, as you’ll be able to check in to your connecting flight ahead of the crowd in Vancouver, and you may even nab a good seat on the plane.

The exterior layout of YYJ is also great. It’s quite close to Sidney, there isn’t a lot of traffic, and parking is dirt cheap, and located quite close to the terminal. This is in sharp contrast to the old days when travelers would have to park their car along the side of the road, and run in to catch their flight.

The airport itself is set amongst rolling farmland. A dairy neighbours the farm, and grazing Jersey cows often line the approach the airport. For most of us, it’s wonderful welcome home to Sidney.

The Cedarwood Inn and Suites is a Victoria airport hotel.