Planning a long term stay on Vancouver Island

by admin on September 20, 2012

Winter is nearly upon most of North America. We say “most of” because, unless you’re in southern California or Florida or Arizona, there is one hold out against the frost and the snow of the coming months, and that place is Vancouver Island – home of the Cedarwood. And we’re pleased to offer snowbirds an attractive long term stay package on Vancouver Island over the winter.

Why Vancouver Island?

Simply put, Vancouver Island, especially Victoria and Sidney at its southernmost tip, is the warmest place in Canada over the winter. There’s an average annual temperature of 10 degrees – well above zero – with almost no snow. If it does snow here, it’s just enough to make you nostalgic for your childhood. But the snow soon disappears, and it’s time for some quality time on the golf course.

As well, despite the snowfree status of the southern tip of the island, there is worldclass skiing available just a couple of hours up the highway from the Cedarwood. Mount Washington ski resort, located about four hours by car from the Cedarwood north of Sidney, features some of the best skiing in Canada. There’s plenty of powder, plus a vibrant town center at the foot of the mountain, in Courtenay. The Cedarwood has a Mount Washington condo there where you can stay.

Things to do in Sidney

However, we’re aware that not everyone loves snow, and in fact some people are looking for an escape. There’s plenty to do in Sidney quite near the Cedarwood. There’s a beach just across the street, as well as an oceanside walkway that leads right into town.

Once in town, there are coffee shops and bookstores – Sidney is a Booktown with at least a dozen bookstores – and there is also a vibrant arts scene in and around Sidney, fostered by the Mary Winspear Centre.

And of course, Victoria BC is located just twenty minutes away, with its own emerging culinary scene, an opera company, art galleries and more.

Vancouver BC, site of the 2010 Olympics, is also located close by too.

So if you’re planning a long term stay on Vancouver Island, you really ought to contact the Cedarwood Inn and Suites.