Stay at a Victoria airport hotel and SAVE!

by admin on September 27, 2011

victoria long term stayAnyone who is from here know that there are two kinds of people: Islanders and everyone else. We talk about going “up-Island” and we talk about getting off the Island. And if we’re not on the island, we talk about getting back to the Island. The Island is part of our identity, and we can’t really think about any disadvantages of being located on the Island. Stay at a Victoria airport hotel and you can jet anywhere you want if you want to get away.

In fact, there are a number of perks. Vancouver Island enjoys the warmest winter temperatures in Canada (probably not a secret at all). While some parts of the island (very far away from Sidney and Victoria) can get rainy, all that winter rain translates into just a ton of winter snow on the slopes of Mount Washington (another Island secret).

Another secret: the Victoria and Sidney region features 400 kilometers of biking lanes and biking trails – we’re the most bike-friendly community in Canada (and probably North America). Another Vancouver Island secret: there are probably more used bookstores here than anywhere else in Canada. Sidney itself has been designated one of the few “book towns” on the planet, with more than half-a-dozen book stores crowded into just two blocks of the downtown .

The Cedarwood is also offering a couple of secret deals – enjoy Island resident rates with free parking if you stay one night and are flying out of Sidney. We’re also adding in our extended resident rate to family over Christmas if people don’t have room for the holidays.

Become an Islander – if even for one night – and enjoy some secret benefits.

– The Cedarwood is a Sidney BC hotel catering to people who want to escape the snow for a long term stay.