Stroll the Sidney Waterfront Walkway

by admin on May 18, 2012

Sidney Seaside WalkwayThe wonderful Sidney Seaside Walkway stretches north from Lochside Drive and Tulista Park at the Anacortes ferry terminal along the ocean to the foot of Beacon Avenue and beyond. The flat, barrier-free path and walkway follows the water, allowing for magnificent views of James Island and Sidney Spit, as well as Mount Baker across the Salish Sea.

In fact, the entire seaside walkway along Lochside Drive, south of Sidney, has recently been upgraded and beautified. There are plenty of places to park your car and walk down to the beach. It’s a great place to collect seashells or plan a picnic, and there are ample opportunities to view wildlife, including California sea lions, harbour seals and bald eagles.

Park your car at Tulista Park, and travel the seaside walkway towards downtown Sidney. Along the way, check out the Bevan fishing pier, a popular fishing spot for crabbing and fishing during the summer, and check out Glass Beach at the foot of Beacon Avenue and below historic Sidney Pier. Children will have fun skipping stones and collecting colourful bits of glass, rubbed smooth over the years by the waves.

The bits of coloured glass tell an interesting, if somewhat mysterious story of Sidney’s history. At one time, a railway terminated at the foot of Beacon Avenue and today’s glass beach. Indeed, the area here used to be a wharf where freightcars were shunted on and off barges that traveled between Sidney and the BC mainland or the Gulf Islands.

So it was an industrial area, with a large warehouse quite near the barge wharf at the foot of Bevan. The warehouse burned down, and the glass from its windows ended up on the beach, where the shards have been weathered and worn smooth over the years.

If you take a look at the beaches around Sidney, you’ll also sometimes encounter bits of brown brick, also remnants from the rail barges, which delivered bricks and masonry from a brickworks on James Island, just off the coast.

This is just the start of the interesting things that can be found during a stroll along the Sidney waterfront walkway.