Things to do in Sidney during the Fall and Winter Seasons

by admin on August 16, 2011

Fall and Winter Activities

Rainy Day Adventures

Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre
The Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre brings the Salish Sea to life for visitors of all ages. Touch, see and explore our local waters. Watch a mother octopus engulf a crab for lunch or touch a spiny sea cucumber in the touch and feel pond full of sea creatures. Located in the Sidney Pier Hotel, this aquarium takes a rainy day and makes it shine. For little ones, there is even a story time and art centre for creating sea themed projects that you can take home. A fun time for crawlers, walkers, swimmers, floaters and anyone in between.

Butterfly Gardens
On your way to the Butchart Gardens stop in and be amazed by the amazing world of colourful flying butterflies. Over 50 species populate the small tropical forest like environment of the indoor gardens. A great place to warm up and be transported southward through the exploration of tropical plants and butterflies.

For the Reader, Writer or Lover of Stories

Sidney is most notably labeled as “Booktown” due to the over 12 bookstores the small four-block town hosts. Also, every Christmas the town hosts a Christmas Writer’s Festival which brings in writers from all over B.C. and the country. Nestled in the back of many of these tiny stores, writers share passages from their books over hot drinks, and sometimes even a glass or two of wine. A festival that cannot be missed by anyone who loves a good story or a hot drink.

From the sunny days of the summer market, of fresh local veggies, fruits and hand-made items, to the consistent offerings of the town’s general stores, Sidney has something for any budget or taste. From fun gifts for the little ones, at Buddies Toys, to hundreds of Teas, hand-made chocolates, fashionable trends in clothing and house decor, Sidney has it all.

Rain or Shine.

The Saanich Peninsula offers two golf course ranges with varying degrees of difficulty and size. For the more relaxed golfer try the nine holes at Ardmore Golf Course, which also offers a “Nine and Dine” package for dinner and golf. For a more challenging round of 18-hole golf, located across the street from Ardmore Golf Course, is Glen Meadows Golf and Country Club. This course is the only 18-hole course in Sidney, and is also the home to curling, tennis, and dining facilities.

Butchart Gardens
Every season the Butchart Gardens transforms into a new oasis of flowers, lights and entertainment. From the colourful splendor of the summer season, alight with Saturday night fireworks, to the white wonderland of the lit up wintery season, of hot chocolate and carolers. A locals favourite and a sought after destination of almost every visitor to the Saanich Peninsula the gardens are a delight anytime of the year. Especially noteworthy, is the indoor carousal for all ages, rain or shine.

The Saanich Peninsula is connected by trails that wind between countryside streets and up awe-inspiring hillsides. From Dean Park to Horth Hill the Peninsula, ocean and island can be seen from a bird’s eye view. Visit the office for a detailed map of the trails to be uncovered.

Wineries & Vineyards
After a trip to the tropical forests of Butterfly world and on the way to Butchart Gardens is one of the Peninsula’s notable vineyards Church and State, which also seasonally offers a lunch and dinner menu with raptor demonstrations. Also, nearby are the famous Sea Cider Farm and Ciderhouse and the Muse Winery.

Ocean Tours
Sidney is positioned in the middle of the Orca whale migration route and therefore is one of the best places on the island to watch these majestic creatures. Also, on the way, be prepared to see a lot of local wildlife, such as Humpbacks, Sea Lions, Harbour Seals, Otters, Cormorants and much more. Tour companies such as Seaquest Adventures are seasonal, but still go out into our waters into late November, so do not be shy of a little cloud cover as the trip is worth it.