Winter garden viewing at a Sidney BC hotel

by admin on December 23, 2011

winter garden viewing at sidney bc hotel

Courtesy Flickr

Christmas is a magical time of year on the Saanich Peninsula – there’s nothing better than winter garden viewing at a Sidney BC hotel. There’s no snow, and as steady rains of November and early December begin to diminish in preparation for the dry winter months of January and February, a beautiful greenness has returned to the land. The early winter rainy season has provided fields and meadows with plenty of water – the blond, dry hues of summer and early fall have been replaced by beautiful vibrant greens.

The weather is more changeable around Christmastime, with frequent easterly squalls blowing through, and leaving beautiful blue sky in their wake. The angle of the sunlight that gives the region its short days also provides striking, high-contrast colours that are perfect for taking beautiful photos (the summer sunlight, while welcome, is also dazzlingly bright, and tends to wash out darker hues).

Common winter plants in the area include:

Holly Shrubs
Holly shrubs, or evergreen holly, is popular in the winter months for its holiday-inspired look.

Red Osier Dogwood
Red osier dogwood is a hardy plant that is also gorgeous in the spring. In May, it yields white blooms followed by white fruit. In the winter, the deep red and burgundy bark is massively beautifully, reaching a height of up to 10 feet, and a width of up to the same.

Bayberry shrubs can spread out to 6 feet long. It has glossy and aromatic foliage with a waxy, grey fruit.

Birch Trees
Paper birch trees have that characteristic “shabby chic” look; white strips of bark peels from the trunk.

Canadian Hemlocks
You can always tell them by their tilting top!

So, winter garden viewing at a Sidney BC hotel with a camera in hand is a great activity – provided the sun cooperates!